George Wisner makes remarks at the launch of his first novel, 'When the Heart Decides'.

George Wisner Launches Novel, ‘When the Heart Decides’

Former Assistant Foreign Minister for African and Asian Affairs, George G. Wisner, has launched his first novel. The novel, When the Heart Decides, was launched at a colourful program held at the Australian National University in Australia’s capital Canberra recently.

Cultural Arts: Reaching Beyond Reconciliation

Definitions for the term "reconciliation" are broad and varied in today's Liberia. Momolu Kaindii, writing in The Perspective, says reconciliation is "...bringing into mutual harmony differences amongst conflicting interests or parties to enable them [to] become friendly...." While President Sirleaf says true reconciliation is "...making the government and economy work for the people...." Yet everyone agree that reconciliation is one of the steps we must take toward healing and building a sane and just society.


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