J. Latty Zarwu

Warrior Arts

J. Latty Zarwu (WARRIOR) feels that every Black man and woman is a warrior. But the benefits of being a warrior can only be realized when you search within yourself, discover your gifts and talents and then, using your Creativity, come up with something new that benefits our people and distinguishes you from others. Searching within himself he was able to discover his gifts and talents as a Traditional Cultural Artist.

Gov’t officials and local residents cut the ribbons to inaugurate the ‘peace palaver hut’

GOL Dedicates ‘Peace Hut’ in G. Cape Mount

In an effort to connect citizens through the Peace Hut initiative to foster genuine reconciliation, the Government of Liberia (GOL) in partnership with the ECOWAS National Unit has dedicated two Peace Huts in Teworand Gaworla District, Grand Cape Mount County. The two huts, according to government officials, were financed by US$22,000 provided by the government through the budget.

Madam Rogers (left) and little Bendu showing her talent (right)

Dimeh Women Prioritize Culture

Celebrating and conserving our culture is a way of life for many of our people. Even though many say the practice of culture has totally vanished from Liberia, while Western values have eaten up the soil of Liberia and Africa at large. For these reasons, there are many Liberian children who do not understand their culture and the way of life of their ancestors.

Unlike many towns around Liberia, Dimeh Town in the Dowen District of Bomi County, has vowed to make culture a top priority in their community, noting that the way of their fathers cannot be forgotten.

Icon and reality: Nelson and Winnie Mandela as seen on screen. Production Companies Videovision Entertainment Distant Horizon Origin Pictures (in association with) Pathé

'Long Walk' Humanises Mandela, but Do We Lose Sight of the Man who was Madiba?

The timing could not have been more poignant: as South African president Jacob Zuma announced to the world that Nelson Mandela, the father of his nation, had breathed his last, Mandela’s daughters, Zenani and Zindzi, were sitting alongside British royalty and the film’s stars, Idris Elba and Naomie Harris, in the Odeon Cinema Leicester Square at the UK premier of his biopic, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.

Palava hut symbol designed by Shabuta

Putting Africa in Your Home

If we ask the question, “Is Africa in your home?” you might respond, “Come on, Shabuta. My home, itself, is in Liberia, West Africa!.” And you would be correct, but are you willing to undergo the “background check?” Invite us to your home and we’ll check to see if we can find Africa anywhere there.


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