Fighting Corruption through Accountability Art

The Accountability Lab Liberia has many ways to get the message across Liberia about the importance of being “accountable”.

In addition to monitoring those holding key national responsibilities to ensure that ordinary people understand their rights, The Accountability Lab has begun to reach out to the children of Liberia with its message, through visual arts.

Lawson B. Sworh with artwork and symbol

An Artist at Home and Abroad

To art patrons all over the world, Lawson B. Sworh’s name represents Liberian art at its best. Lawson stepped out into the international arena when he travelled as a young student. He went to Zambia to study at the Africa Literature Center (ALC) in Kitwe. Since that time, he’s created ten book covers for Amnesty International. And then in 2013 he travelled to the USA upon the invitation of two of his patrons there. They sponsored him to represent Africa in an exhibition in Virginia.

This picture is self explanatory and many admired the demonstration

Acrobatic Displayers Entertain Fans

It was a scene last Tuesday when two young men in black began some exciting acrobatic moves for many fans near Point Four, Monrovia.

The two men are becoming popular with their performances across the city.

They engaged in one style after another as the above scene indicates. Many fans cheered them on and also made some financial donations to keep them up.

Family Artistry

Can you remember a time when certain families were famous for family talents they all had like music, for instance? Or they were famous for the excellent goods the family produced. If you wanted beautiful country cloth, you went to the “Konneh Compound”. If you wanted delicious rice bread, you went to the “Fania Compound”. Many of the children and grandchildren were born with or learned the skills of their parents and so the whole family was trained and worked together. There was Togetherness.

Hawa Jande Golakai

Interview with Hawa Golakai, Author, The Lazarus Effect

She’s young, beautiful, intelligent but has a very a complex mind.  She’s the author of an award winning crime/thriller book, titled the Lazarus Effect, which has been nominated threes times for its outstanding suspense and best fiction crime of first novel of the year. The Lazarus Effect was nominated for three very prestigious awards, namely the Sunday Times in South Africa, the University of Johannesburg debut book prize and the prestigious Wole Soyinka African fiction prize.


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