Assorted Natural Dyes

Rediscovering Liberian Natural Dyes

Liberia is making the big push for development. In most of our minds, development means looking at what the western world has done to become developed and copying its example. Some Liberian artists have another idea; they recognize that our needs are unique, that we have been blessed with an abundance of raw materials to fill these needs and the creativity of its people to use these raw materials.

Thalmus Hare, founder and CEO of LIB Food

Liberian Jollof Rice by Chef Thalmus Y. Hare of LIB Food

Thalmus Hare, the Food’trepreneur

Not too many Liberian men are professional chefs.  True, there are a few proud and skillful ones who can cook up a storm, but going into business for it is really “the extra mile”, if you will.  This is the journey of Thalmus Hare, founder and CEO of LIB Food.  He’s one of the few who are proud about being ‘the man in the kitchen’; not just for the love of feeding his family, but making a living at it, serving a large population of Liberians throughout the United States.

(L-r): Artist Leslie Lumeh and French Ambassador Mr. JOEL-GODEAU

The True Spirit of “Water”

An arts exhibition hosted by Leslie Lumeh, visual artist and director of the visual arts school (LiVArts), this week displayed his recent paintings illustrating the different ways in which water is used in Liberia.

Lumeh, who has been described by CNN as “Liberia’s most celebrated artist”, has visually and through the mind's eye captured the colorless, transparent, odorless and tasteless liquid that forms the seas, lakes, rivers and rain, known as water.

Our Children Express Beauty

Today we’re showing our children that we appreciate their artistic expressions of beauty.

Noted Liberian artist, teaching artist, and arts activist, Dolly Barnes, has a favorite saying, “Find beauty in God’s gifts to all of us today and smile with it so that someone will benefit from your beauty today, and smile with you. Be part of God’s beauty in the universe.”

Hawa J. Golakai

HJ Golakai One of Africa’s Top 39 Writers under 40

Hawa Jande Golakai, Liberia’s award-winning crime fiction writer and author of The Lazarus Effect (Kwela Books, 2011), has been selected as one of Africa’s top 39 writers under the age of 40 from Africa and the Diaspora.  The selection was made at the London Book Fair (LBF) breakfast press conference in London on Tuesday April 8th.


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