Our Recovery from Ebola: The Artist’s Role (1)

No sane Liberian would ever have planned this attack of Ebola on our people. But sane Liberians had better start planning and implementing our recovery process immediately. If not, we will be forever mired in this sick warfare cycle of someone else’s making.

Ebola means the horror of death!

Can our artists ignite the flame of recovery? Our artists know and can inspire us to remember the beauty of Life while under threat of death. The beautiful faces of our children, full of Life, cannot be forgotten.

About the author: Leslie Lumeh is a cartoonist at the Daily Observer newspaper, he is also the founder and Executive Director of the Liberia Visual Arts (LIVARTS) Academy in Monrovia and The famous ‘Face of Idia’

Bravo, African Masters!

First clarification must be made as to what African Masters are being referred to here.  Please note that these are not African slave Masters, Head Masters or Master Sergeants!  The Masters referred to here are those great African artists/craftsmen of many centuries ago, whose “classical” works of art have claimed so much attention that they are now objects of world-tour.  True to that, the pieces were on display in major art institutions in the US during 2010.

The Art of Journalism

Where would you go to look for artists in the field of Broadcast Journalism? London? Lagos? Accra? How about Gbarnga? But there are only Community Radio Stations in Gbarnga and the journalists are volunteers! How can they possibly treat journalism as an art and they aren’t even paid a salary?

A group photo of LIVARTS students, staff and donor

LIVARTS: Nurturing Creativity

The Liberia Visual Arts Academy (LIVARTS) since its establishment in 2010 has remained committed to nurturing the creative ideas of Liberian children through Arts.

On June 27, 2014, LIVARTS celebrated its second closing and certification program for students who have shown some level of commitment to arts as was prescribed by the Institution.

The Certification ceremony, held on the institution’s campus within the compound of Alliance Francaise in Sinkor brought together parents, students, representatives from the French Embassy as well as the  Ministry of Education.


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