A New Year, A Clean Slate?

(Overheard in the bank queue while waiting to receive salaries.)

“Papi, you don’t have to wait in the queue. I’m sure if you go to the front they will let you inside.”

“Don’t worry, my son, let me wait while I still have strength.”

“But, uncle, I remember when you were living abroad. Why did you return to Africa with all these terrible wars? I’m raising my children to get their educations, escape overseas, and never come back.”

My Liberia, Post-War and Pre-Ebola

“These are your brothers.” The man says to me.

“Those boys are Liberian.” His cool, calm nature gives way to an irresistible urge to smile; a smile that can only occur when in the company of one’s countrymen after who knows how long; a smile full of nostalgia and inner excitement. The man and I met in the maze of confusion that was Brussels International Airport, both trying to make sure our bags would be in Monrovia when we arrived, as promised.

Group photo of delegates at the Arterial Network General Council Session in Rabat, Morocco

Artistic Rights, Freedom of Expression Tops Agenda at African Creative Economy Conference in Rabat

Artistic rights, freedom of expression and the creative sector’s contribution to social and economic development are among the key issues on the agenda of this year’s annual African Creative Economy Conference scheduled for Rabat, in the Kingdom of Morocco from 13 to 15 November.

Our Recovery from Ebola: The Artist’s Role (2)

Ebola means the fear of helplessness.

But we cannot lie down, helpless in our distress. Our artists know and can Inspire us to remember the strength of Discipline when helplessness overwhelms us. Have you ever seen a country cloth weaver tirelessly working at the loom?  A magnificent piece of cloth could be the result.

And the Discipline to produce it is an example for us. It’s an example of recovery from doing nothing – out of fear.


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