The Liberia National Academy of Music (LINAM) will bring a new flavor to the Temple of Justice this evening (Dec. 23), with a concert featuring a repertoire of classical, traditional and jazz music. Starts at 6 p.m.

Christmas Music Fest Comes to Temple of Justice

In the Liberian context, it might seem like an unlikely venue but, for the Liberia National Academy of Music (LINAM) to stage its annual Christmas Fest in the Conference Hall of the Temple of Justice in Monrovia this year, the event might rekindle nostalgia for the arts in the legal science.

Putting Africa in Your Home

If we ask the question, “Is Africa in your home?” you might respond, “Come on, Shabuta. My home, itself, is in Liberia, West Africa!” And you would be correct, but are you willing to undergo the “background check?” Invite us to your home and we’ll check to see if we can find Africa anywhere there.

The Art of Survival #2: Avoiding Ebola

Most people who have access to this article have no fear about their individual Survival. It isn’t something you usually think about, but how about our Survival as a group, as a nation? During the war time we constantly thought about and feared for our individual and group Survival. Can we be confident now, that our nation, as we know it, will Survive?

Left: Modern day Liberian currency; right: 19th Century Liberian curreny

Money – Functional Art or “Poopoo Paper”?

Open the bag of an African money changer in long ago, most ancient times and you would find a striking and interesting assortment of artifacts: from long iron pieces fired in a hot, smoky furnace (iron-rich Liberia’s traditional smelting produced various forms of iron money) to white, shiny cowrie shells washed in the sea; from pieces of woven cotton or raffia fabric to polished leopards’ teeth. Our money was art – sometimes beautiful, always, at least, interesting.

Mr. Leslie Lumeh mentor students on their drawing

LIVARTS and Accountability Lab to Re-launch Arts School

The Liberia Visual Arts (LiVArts) Academy, along with Accountability Lab, has finalized plans to re-launch the Accountability Art School following delays due to the Ebola crisis.

The art school will consist of three monthly sessions, followed by a public exhibition, of the artworks produced by participating students.
The program will be launched on Saturday, June 6. Thirty students from the Kids Power Program and who are between the ages of 10 and 15 are expected to benefit from the initiative.


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