UNESCO to Declare Providence Island ‘World Culture Center’

The Officer-in-Charge of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Liberia, Stevenson Seidi, has disclosed a plan by which Providence Island will be declared a ‘World Culture Center’, but only if the Government of Liberia can ratify the Hague Convention.

Providence Island is the place the first group of former slaves landed in 1822, from United States of America.

Puppeteers, Ma Eva and her traditional elephant puppet

From Reality To Success

When Eva Paye decided to engage into visual art, a field largely dominated by men, she might have been aware of how huge this task was, but with hope she managed to achieve her dream.

It has been her childhood vision as a self-taught artist to keep the value of her culture alive and in the minds of the younger generation.

“Those are my inspirations painting I got from dream”

Birth of an Artist: The Writing on the Wall

Whether past or present, many artistic works (drawing, painting, crafting, weaving etc.) have often been associated with mystery.  From the world famous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo D’ivinci to the original Vai script of Western Liberia, these great works of art and culture inspire endless debate as to the meanings and their messages.  This concept of mystery in art is not at all a thing of the past.  Mysteries in general form part of traditional life and daily occurrences in places like Liberia, art (and culture) being no exception.

Baba Shabu: “We need symbols of strength and courage, to move us out of the Ebola era.”

Symbols of Recovery

The Ebola outbreak in Liberia no doubt brought the country to its knees, and the news of the situation at one point seemed to have near-apocalyptic implications.  The last thing on the mind of anyone on the ground would have been art or creativity… or so they thought.  Yet, the many priceless acts of creativity throughout this crisis have helped millions of people nationwide emerge from denial and adopt preventive postures and protocols that would keep themselves and their loved ones safe during the epidemic. 


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