April 2015

Jr. Lone Star—the national U-23 soccer team and coach Thomas Kojo

Can Kojo Prove Prophetic against Meteors on Saturday?

National U-23 head coach Thomas Kojo is an optimist in the face of what others would describe as a burden, and I admire him for that.

Losing 2-0 to Ghana’s Black Meteors last Sunday at the Tamale Sports Stadium in the first leg of the Rio 2016 Olympic qualifiers, Kojo told journalists in Ghana that he is hopeful of qualification.

 Kojo will be inspiring his boys for the return leg at the same venue on Saturday, May 2.

Attacking Midfielder Kebeh Lamine disappointedly sit on the grass of the ATS

Female Lone Star Out of U-23 Olympic Qualifiers

The Secretary General of the Liberia Football Association B. Alphonso Armah has disclosed that the national U-23 female soccer team has been withdrawn from the qualifiers of the U-23 Summer Olympics.

Armah said Liberia pulled out from the international tournament on Monday, April 27 but failed to state the reason for the withdrawal. But sources at the LFA said the withdrawal was due to the lack of funds.

Flashback: A LISCR player trying to beat a BYC player to connect his teammate

Blue Field Comes Alive with First Soccer Tournament

Cheerful football fans are expected to watch the first football tournament after nine months since football activities were banned in July-2014 at the Blue Field in Monrovia.

Today at 2:00pm on the Blue Field in the PHP Community, local football giant, BYC I would host Nimba United in the opener of Group A of the Coca-Cola Top 8 Tournament.

  In the second derby, Mighty Barrolle, (the Kanyan Pepper Boys) are expected to rub shoulders with LISCR FC at 4:00pm.

 On Saturday, FC Fassell will host NPA Anchors at 2:00pm in the Group B and IE and Aries will play at 4:00pm.

The MGM Grand lit up as it readies itself for the biggest fight in its history with boxing fans from round the world arriving in Las Vegas

Mayweather Ahead of his $300m Mega-fight Saturday

It may not be from rags to riches like Manny Pacquiao, but Floyd Mayweather was not always the brash, flash, world-renowned boxer he is today. This Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, the two titans will sort things out.

The unbeaten pound-for-pound king is preparing for his 48th fight, which sees him face a warrior who beat Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Miguel Cotto, Chris Algieri, and Juan Manuel Marquez (twice).

Golden Key Manager in Court over US$13K Unpaid Rent

A Liberian business woman, Nowai Gorlorwulu will shortly appear in court for allegedly owing her landlord, Louise Dennis, US$13,000 representing one year's unpaid rent.

 Madam Gorlorwulu is the manager of Golden Key Hotel, one of the leading hotels in the Paynesville community.

She is expected to appear before Judge James Jones of the Debt Court for Montserrado County at the Temple of Justice on May 12.

Her appearance is based on a “Writ of Re- Summons By Publication and Mailing,” issued by Judge Jones.

Malawi takes Key Step to Advance Digital Payments

Today, Malawi took a significant step towards creating a digital payment ecosystem in order to address poverty and drive inclusive growth.

An event organized by the Government of Malawi with the United Nations Capital Development Fund’s (UNCDF) Better Than Cash Alliance and Mobile Money for the Poor initiatives brought together digital payments players to accelerate the progress of digital finance in Malawi.


The word and concept of loyalty covers a wide range of essentials to a successful living. These essentials include faithfulness, obedience, patriotism, and commitment. We are therefore introducing a series that will explore, a little bit, the concept of loyalty in light of its multifaceted meanings and understandings as a way of encouraging loyalty of the right kind. The premise is that loyalty is a powerful means of correcting some of the many societal and personal ills and for building our lives and character on a solid foundation.

South Africa: The Tragedy of Xenophobia

Monrovia- Growing up as a kid, I remember music like ‘Free Nelson Mandela’. I remember watching movies of the black liberation struggle in South Africa, that focused on the life story of freedom fighters, Mandela, Sisulu, Tambo then Biko and his gruesome death in prison. I fondly remember the spirited movie, ‘Sarafina’ that epitomizes the struggles of black South African students and their violent confrontations with law enforcement officers who were quite brute in exerting themselves and flexing the muscles of apartheid.


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