October 2014

Even though the pump price of gasoline has dropped vehicles are still over charging

Amid Dramatic Drop in Gasoline Pump Price in Monrovia: Transport Fares Continue to Soar, Hardship Intensifies


Regrettably, after a dramatic decrease in the pump price of gasoline in Monrovia, transport fares continue to soar again and hardship at the hands of commercial drivers nationwide.


Embattled Health Minister Gwenigale

Senators Request Ellen to Retire Dr. Gwenigale

A special block within the Liberian Senate comprising 15 Senators, yesterday voted to request President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to recall her embattled Health and Social Welfare Minister, Dr. Walter Gwenigale, and honorably retire him, citing a health certificate which indicates that he is suffering from high blood pressure.

However, Grand Kru and River Gee Senators Cletus Wortorson and Frederick Doe Cherue voted against the motion, while Grand Gedeh County Senator Isaac Nyenabo announced a motion for reconsideration.

Japan Brings in More Ambulances for Ebola Fight

Japan, one of Liberia’s post-conflict development partners, has brought in seven ambulances for the Government of Liberia to fight the Ebola Virus Disease.

The ambulances which cost more than US$400,000 arrived yesterday at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) on board a chartered cargo flight.

Assistant Foreign Minister for International Corporation, Dehpue Zue and Assistant Health Minister for Administration John N. Linga, were on hand to receive the ambulances on behalf of the Liberian Government.

Dr. Patricia J. Wesley, John Ralston Saul: PEN International President

PEN Congress Approves Liberia Center


The 80th Congress of PEN International, which has just ended in Bishkek, Kyrgystan, has approved the PEN Liberia Center as its 149th member.

Other centers approved are the Eritrean, Welsh and Honduras PEN centers, a press release issued in Monrovia said.

(L-r) The Director General of the National Bureau of Concession (NBC) Madam Ciata Bishop in miserable mood, NPA Managing Director Matilda Parker and APM Terminal Boss Brian Fuggle

APM Terminal’s 25 Year Agreement Faces Amendment

A former top official of the National Investment Commission (NIC) who is currently serving as Director General for the National Bureau of Concession (NBC), Madam Ciata Bishop, has disclosed that the continuous raddled state of the Freeport of Monrovia is due to the Concession Agreement.

Madam Bishop told the lawmakers that the bad roads and unremitting increment of tax levy on containers was due to the failure to state the period of implementation of the Port’s modernization, which include infrastructure, the people and the system.

The ambulance and officials of GTBank in the Foreign Ministry yard October 29, 2014

Ellen Hails GTBank for Birthday Gift


President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has hailed Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank), a commercial entity operating in Liberia, for their numerous contributions to the development of the economy.

The Chief Executive lauded GTBank Wednesday, October 29, when the commercial bank contributed an ambulance valued over US$55,000 for government’s fight against the spread of the deadly Ebola virus.

“I want to thank you for what you are doing, especially for choosing this occasion and day to make such presentation.

The Court asked the Defense Ministry to disrobe some soldiers

Magisterial Court to Try Several AFL Soldiers

The Brewerville Magisterial Court has ordered the Ministry of Defense to disrobe and turn over several officers of the Armed Force of Liberia (AFL) for prosecution.

The court said it has already issued a Writ of Arrest against the soldiers.

The AFL officers were charged by the court with the commission of multiple crimes including criminal mischief and theft of property.

According to the court, the officers, acting on the orders of one Major Kelulee Gwasa, entered the property of Attorney Swahaili Sessay and took away valuable properties.

Poro Devil Wanted for Alleged Torture, Murder

A devil of the Poro Society involved in the alleged torture of one Samuel Mansuo, 55, which turned fatal in Zuaplay Town, Doe Administrative District, Nimba County, is said to have escaped upon news of the arrest of 28 of its followers.

The Administrative District Commissioner, Samuel Napah Wehyee, quoted the women of Zuaplay who said that they saw the devil escaping to the nearby town called Gbanquoi, after his followers were arrested.

Police Pay Worries Lawmakers


Capitol Hill is deeply worried about the current state of affairs and conditions of the personnel in the Liberia National Police (LNP), in awake of their confronting the spread of the Ebola virus.

Lawmakers expressed concern  in plenary yesterday, during discussions which followed the presentation of a complaint from River Gee County Representative Johnson Chea relative to the plight of police officers in the country.


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