September 2014

(L-r) Deputy Health Minister Matthew Flomo, Finance Minister Amara Konneh and Dr. John Mulbah of LMDC

GOL Reaches Deal with Healthcare Workers

The Liberian government has announced a bumper hazard pay and death benefits for public healthcare workers in the country. The deal which will cost the government about US$30 million over a six months period beginning September,  is intended to ensure that health workers who have abandoned health facilities return to work to fight the deadly Ebola virus disease (EVD) in the country.

Rev. Fr. Dr. Sellee and Dr. Mary Brownell


Another educator over the weekend stepped forward to frame perhaps the most pivotal question, (subject, issue) under consideration by almost every Liberian here and abroad: “Why are we now confronted by a deadly virus that is determined to destroy the very fabric (structure, foundation) of our society?”

Ambassador Dr. Mary Brownell, chair-person emeritus of the Universal Peace Federation, (Liberia chapter), undertook to answer her own question, based the on the maxim (proverb, saying) that everything happens for a reason.’

Finance Minister Amara Konneh

IMF Endorses US$130M to Fight Ebola

The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has stepped into the fight against the deadly Ebola virus, approving a total of US$130 million in emergency financial assistance to Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, the three West African countries at the center of the epidemic.

 The IMF is making its presence felt as the death toll from Ebola rises in the sub-region with seriously crippling economic impact. Liberia has announced that it would need about US$375 million dollars to fight the Ebola virus and restore its economy.

Chief Justice Francis Korkpor

Ebola Outbreak to Reduce Arrest, Detention

With the rapid spread of the Ebola epidemic, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia has appealed to magistrates (judges)   throughout the country to be flexible under the law in sending people to jail.

Chief Justice Francis Korkpor was quick to point out that he was not ordering judges to perform their duties outside the scope of the law, but to use what he considered “discretionary powers” in line with section 10.12 and 13.5 of the Criminal Procedure Law.

Struggling Widow Needs Help for Ailing Child

Ruth B. Kubay, a widow believed to be in her 50s, is calling on humanitarian organizations and philanthropists to rescue her 13-year old son, David Kpana, from his ailment. He is suffering from a very serious condition of enlarged scrotom.

David is the second among three children of Ruth,  whose husband died last year.  This widow fries doughnuts to sell in order to keep the half family going through life.

It is not an easy thing for a woman without a husband in the home to go through this struggle, and not many men will be willing to cater for children who are not theirs.

The stretch of between Flumpa and Cocopa is most bad area of the Ganta – Saclepea highway.

Ganta – Saclepea Road, others, Turn Deplorable

The stretch of road linking Ganta and Saclepea has turned deplorable, hampering movements of goods and services across Nimba and the eastern part of Liberia.

The bad condition of the road is causing hiking in prices of rice and other consumable items in the remote part of Nimba.

According to travelers plying the road between Ganta, Saclepea and even beyond, dozens of heavy vehicles are said to have shrugged in mud; condition that is causing light vehicles to find it difficult passing to go to another area.

Vice President-Chief Administrator of Coca Cola International Alexander B. Cummings (l) meets with President Sirleaf at her Foreign Ministry office

Coco-Cola to Expand Production Here, Donates 40-ft Container of Medical Supplies to National Task Force

Coca-Cola International, a global nonalcoholic beverage bottling company operating in the country, has announced plans for the expansion of its production by adding new varieties to its many products on the local market as well as expanding its production capacity.


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